Multi-purpose materials for adhesives, primers and coatings

Silane Adhesion Promoters
Silanes can be used as primers on difficult to bond surfaces or added to adhesives and coatings formulations, to improve bond strength at the material interface. The silane acts to reduce moisture at the surface due to fast reaction with any water present and results in improved moisture, temperature and chemical resistance.

Cross linking agents
In certain applications, Silanes can give improved physical properties such as tear resistance, elongation and abrasion resistance in cross linked materials such as acrylates, polyethers, polyurethanes and polyesters.

Water Scavenging
Due to a fast reactivity with water, some Silanes have found popularity as efficient water scavengers. They capture excess moisture to give improved in can stability, uniform through cure and improve processability.

Coupling Agents
A common use of Silanes is to improve on the bonding between in-organic and organic materials. This utilises the nature of the silane to provide a bonding mechanism to improve bonding between organic polymers (resins) and in-organic fillers and substrates such as pigments and fibres (sand, glass, matting) and thus maximises the loading and subsequent performance.

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