Arpocore™ 250


Arpocore™  is now available as an additive for: 

  • Extreme friction control (reduction in case of hard, increase in case of soft counter material); 
  • High wear resistance; 
  • Low abrasiveness; 
  • Easy dosing; 
  • Sound damping; 
  • Fire retardancy; 
  • Minimizing heat absorption/storage; 
  • Pigment/colour adaptation; and 
  • The ability to precisely engineer the level of specific attributes, e.g. wear resistance. 

Additionally, various research projects are being conducted to the application of Arpocore™ in coatings for the optimisation of fire retardance and even the protection of (steel) materials in extreme temperatures (heat and cold). 

Arpocore™ 250, a fine grade with size up to 250μm.

  • Tank roofs;
  • (Industrial) floors and workshops;
  • Ship decks (pleasure/yachting, commercial/industrial and naval);
  • Offshore platforms;
  • Bridges, roads, parkings and garages;
  • Gyms, saunas and swimming pools;
  • Platforms, scaffolding, stairs, galleries, balconies and roofs; and
  • Any other coating applications where (amongst others) pigment/color adaptation, friction control, cold temperatures and heat accumulation play an important role.